HHRS Summer Reading 2020


The English Language Arts teachers at Henry Hudson Regional are proud to present the 2020 Summer Reading program.  Building on the positive feedback they received from previous years, and in recognition of the highly unusual remote learning circumstances currently in place, the following considerations were considered in the development of this assignment:

Student access to physical book choices may be limited this year, with the closure of the school building, public libraries and most retail establishments.

While we can expect that some students will have access to digital format books, we cannot guarantee that this will be true for all students.

With social distancing and remote learning circumstances still in place, our normal summer routines and practices may be significantly disrupted this year.

All Henry Hudson Regional School students are encouraged to keep their minds active and engaged through the summer months, and summer reading is a great way to accomplish this goal.

With these important considerations in mind, several changes have been made to the summer reading program for the Summer of 2020.

The Suggested Summer Reading List contains teacher recommendations of high-interest, appropriate books for various levels of students. However, students are free to choose any grade and/or level appropriate book with the permission and support of their parent/guardian. Approval from the district of off-list books will not be necessary this year, so long as students have chosen a book that is appropriate for their grade and/or level and they have the approval of their guardian.

The Summer Reading Assignments will be optional this year, and students will receive extra credit in their English Language Arts class if they choose to complete the work.

Please note: Extra credit points are contingent upon students having selected a book appropriate for their grade level and/or reading level.Please be prepared to discuss your selection with your teacher in September, and please reach out to Christina Egan (cegan@tri-district.us) with any questions. 

Please click here for the editable Word Document version.