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Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The Henry Hudson Tri-District is dedicated to the development of lifelong learners and the promotion of success for all students. We will honor the individual and nurture the potential of all children. 


Dr. Jeanette Baubles
Tri-District Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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Fran Carbone
Secretary - Henry Hudson Regional School
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Lillian Colby
Secretary - Highlands Elementary School
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Joyce Engelken
Secretary - Atlantic Highlands Elementary School
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Here in the Henry Hudson Tri-District we hold curriculum (what we teach), instruction (how we teach), and assessment (how we know students are learning and what they still need) at the heart of our work. 

The purpose of this site is to share the developed curricula and other important documents and resources with our entire learning community.  

2019 Spring Assessment Presentations

Please click through the slideshow to view the Spring 2019 Board of Education Standardized Assessment Presentations:

   Spring 2019 Assessment Presentation    Spring 2019 Assessment Presentation    Spring 2019 Assessment Presentation