Residents vote to approve regionalization of Tri-District

After 45 years of working towards regionalization, last night, the residents of Highlands and Atlantic Highlands overwhelmingly voted to approve the creation of a new all-purpose, PK-12 regional school district. On behalf of the members of the three Boards of Education and the Tri-District Administration, we would like to thank everyone who supported the efforts of the Boards of Education. We will now begin the process of creating our new school district and working together to ensure that we are providing the best possible education for all of our students today and in the future. Thank you again for your continued support of our schools.


Mr. Michael Gannon, President - Henry Hudson Regional Board of Education

Mrs. Karin Masina, Vice President - Atlantic Highlands Board of Education

Mrs. Rebecca Kane-Wells, President - Highlands Board of Education

Dr. Tara Beams, Superintendent of Schools